Linked Data API of Samples

This is the home page of GA's Linked Data API of Samples. This system provides landing pages for GA's samples which are where our International GeoSample Number identifiers resolve to, multiple Linked Data views of each sample's metadata according to several relevant models such as the IGSN model, PROV-O and Dublin Core.

Service Description

There are two sorts of access to GA's samples' metadata that this API delivers:

  1. Linked Data - human and machine readable resources (web pages & RDF data) for the Register of samples and each Sample
  2. OAI-PMH - Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting: an HTTP API for harvesting metadata for objects in XML. This form of access is a requirement of the IGSN community

The endpoints for these two forms of access are given in the links at the top right of this page.

While this web page describes this system for a human to read, it's not much good for machines so we also provide a machine-readable version. We have implemented, as test, an OGC WMS web service's GetCapabilities function which:

Retrieves metadata about the service, including supported operations and parameters

To view the GetCapabilities function results for this API, see:


This API is maintained by GA's Scientific Data section. Contact then on