ISO 19115-3 Codelist Report

Geoscience Australia profile of the ISO 19115-1:2014 CI_OnlineFunctionCode codelist

Scope GA Profile extension of the CI_OnlineFunctionCode codelist
Field of Application ISO TC211 Metadata Standards
Version (Date) see repository version (2018-09-21)

gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode ( gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode ):

Description: function performed by the resource
Entry Source Definition
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_browseGraphic ISO19115-1:2014 browse graphic provided
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_browsing ISO19115-1:2014 online browsing provided
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_completeMetadata ISO19115-1:2014 complete metadata provided
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_download ISO19115-1:2014 online instructions for transferring data from one stor- age device or system to another
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_fileAccess ISO19115-1:2014 online file access provided
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_information ISO19115-1:2014 online information about the resource
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_offlineAccess ISO19115-1:2014 online instructions for requesting the resource from the provider
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_order ISO19115-1:2014 online order process for obtaining the resource
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_search ISO19115-1:2014 online search interface for seeking out information about the resource
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_upload ISO19115-1:2014 online resource upload capability provided 9. emailService emailService online email service provided
gapCI_OnLineFunctionCode_provenanceQueryService Geoscience Australia / PROV-O an online service that allows querying for provenance records about the resource. The provenance records delivered are conformat to the W3C's PROV Data Model