ISO 19115-3 Codelist Report

Geoscience Australia profile of the ISO 19115-1:2014 DS_AssociationTypeCode codelist

Scope GA Profile extension of the DS_AssociationTypeCode codelist
Field of Application ISO TC211 Metadata Standards
Version (Date) see repository version (2018-09-21)

gapDS_AssociationTypeCode ( gapDS_AssociationTypeCode ):

Description: justification for the correlation of two resources
Entry Source Definition
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_collectiveTitle ISO19115-1:2014 common title for a collection of resources where title identifies elements of a series collectively, combined with information about what volumes are available at the source cite
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_crossReference ISO19115-1:2014 reference from one resource to another
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_dependency ISO19115-1:2014 associated through a dependency
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_isComposedOf ISO19115-1:2014 reference to resources that are parts of this resource
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_largerWorkCitation ISO19115-1:2014 reference to a master resource of which this one is a part
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_partOfSeamlessDatabase ISO19115-1:2014 part of same structured set of data held in a computer
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_revisionOf ISO19115-1:2014 resource is a revision of associated resource
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_series ISO19115-1:2014 associated through a common heritage such as produced to a common product specification
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_stereoMate ISO19115-1:2014 part of a set of imagery that when used together, provides three-dimensional images
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_generated Geoscience Australia / PROV-O inverse of wasGeneratedBy where the domain resource generated the range resoure implying that the domain resource is a temporal event, such as a data processing action, and the range resource is an entity
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_hadDerivation Geoscience Australia / PROV-O inverse of wasDerivedFrom where the range resource was derived from the domain resource
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_informed Geoscience Australia / PROV-O inverse of wasInformedBy
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_wasDerivedFrom Geoscience Australia / PROV-O the domain resource was derived from the range resource which must have been an entity (i.e. not an actor with agency or a temporal event)
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_wasGeneratedBy Geoscience Australia / PROV-O the domain resource was generated by the range resource which must have been a temporal event such as a data processing action or a field survey
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_wasInformedBy Geoscience Australia / PROV-O The domain resource was informed by the range resource which must have been an Entity (i.e. not an Agent with agency or an Activity temporal event). This is a looser association than wasDerivedFrom and does not indicate direct derivation, as wasDerivedFrom does.
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_operatesOn Geoscience Australia / ISO19115-1:2014 an equivalent relationship to srv:operatesOn from a Service to a Dataset
gapDS_AssociationTypeCode_operatedOnBy Geoscience Australia inverse of operatesOn where the domain resource is, or can be, operated on (queried, subsetted etc.) by the range resource which must be an agent (i.e. is something that bears some form of responsibility for the operation taking place)