ISO19115-1:2014 GA Profile Schema

*** Please note that the GA Profile of ISO19115-1:2014 is under development, and the information on this page may change without notice and linked resources may not be available ***


This is the home of GA's profile of the ISO19115-1:2014 standard for geographic metadata. This profile consists of the following, human readable documents:

  1. index.html - this document, an HTML information page and the landing page of this profile. Different elements of the profile are addressed below
  2. Metadata Profile Definition Document - the formal definition document of this profile

Related to this is the GA Profile of ISO19115-3:2016, the standardised XML schema representation of ISO19115-1:2014 which contains the following resources:

  1. Schematron schema - for validation of ISO19115-3 instance documents against rules and extended codelists defined by the GA profile
  2. XML Schema - definition of XML types for GA profile extensions to elements in the ISO19115-3 schema
  3. Codelists - extensions to existing ISO19115-1:2014 codelists, and new codelists that constrain ISO19115-1:2014 elements that are free text in the base standard

Profile Extensions

This profile extends the base ISO19115-1:2014 standard in accordance with Annex C "Metadata extensions and profiles" of the ISO19115-1:2014 'Geographic information -- Metadata' documentation. Our profile is used to ensure that some elements of the standard which are normally optional are compulsory so that those elements, such as dataset lineage, are always filled out by GA staff recording metadata for datasets. Our profile also implements several new type codes for things such as AssociationType which allow us to characterise relationships between objects described with this profile in ways not possible with the un-profiled standard. These include type codes such as 'derivedFrom' which indicated that a dataset is generally derived from another dataset. This is more general than the standard's own 'revisionOf' which implies that the revised dataset is substantially the same as the original.

Some elements of this profile allow us to relate elements modelled here to other models. For example, the 'derivedFrom' relationship mentioned above can be interpreted as a 'wasDerivedFrom' relationship as used in the PROV ontology for provenance.

This profile is aspirational and will assist GA with many of its obligations; it is not expected that existing records in our catalogue will conform to this profile in the first instance.

Following are the ISO19115-1:2014 elements that have been extended by the GA profile.

Metadata entity set information (MD_Metadata)

Name Definition Change from ISO19115-1
metadataIdentifier unique identifier for this metadata record Optional -> Mandatory
parentMetadata identification of the parent metadata record Conditional -> Conditional (changed condition)
referenceSystemInfo description of the spatial and temporal reference systems used in the resource Optional -> Conditional
metadataConstraints restrictions on the access and use of metadata Optional -> Mandatory
metadataScope the scope/type of resource for which metadata is provided Conditional -> Mandatory
resourceLineage information about the provenance, source(s), and/or the production process(es) applied to the resource Optional -> Mandatory

Identification information (MD_Identification)

Name Definition Change from ISO19115-1
pointOfContact identification of, and means of communication with, person(s) and organization(s) associated with the resource(s) Optional -> Mandatory
topicCategory main theme(s) of the resource Conditional -> Mandatory
resourceMaintenance information about the frequency of resource updates, and the scope of those updates Optional -> Mandatory
resourceFormat a description of the format of the resource(s) Optional -> Mandatory
resourceConstraints information about constraints which apply to the resource(s) Optional -> Mandatory
descriptiveKeywords category keywords, their type, and reference source Optional -> Mandatory

Constraint information (MD_Constraints)

Name Definition Change from ISO19115-1
reference citation for the limitation or constraint, example: Copyright statement, licence agreement, etc. Optional -> Mandatory

Lineage information (LI_Lineage)

Name Definition Change from ISO19115-1
statement general explanation of the data producer’s knowledge about the lineage of a dataset Optional -> Mandatory
source information about the source data used in creating the data specified by the scope Conditional -> Mandatory

Distribution information (MD_Distribution)

Name Definition Change from ISO19115-1
distributionFormat provides a description of the format of the data to be distributed Optional -> Mandatory


Schematron schema and XML Schema have been developed to implement and faciliate validation of the extensions defined by the GA profile.

Schematron schema

File Purpose
schematron-rules-ga.sch validation of constraints imposed on ISO19115-1 elements by the GA profile
schematron-rules-ga_codelists.sch validation of codelist values for elements that have new or extended codelists imposed by the GA profile
schematron-rules-all_codelists.sch validation of codelist values for all elements that are constrained by a codelist (ISO19115-1 or profile extension). Note that this Schematron is not GA profile specific - it has been developed and stored here because the published ISO19115-3 schema does not provide this functionality

XML Schema

File Purpose
gapm.xsd defines the XML Schema components of the ISO19115-3 XML schema profile of the GA Metadata profile of ISO19115-1:2014
gapmCharacterString.xsd defines the gapMD_ProtocolTypeCode_PropertyType XML type, an extension of the gco:CharacterString_PropertyType XML type, for the purpose of constraining the cit:protocol element to a codelist
gapmGenericName.xsd defines the gapMD_ServiceTypeCode_PropertyType XML type, an extension of the gco:GenericName_PropertyType XML type, for the purpose of constraining the srv:serviceType element to a codelist


This profile extends two ISO19115-1 codelists:

File Purpose
assocTypeCode_codelist.xml assocTypeCode_codelist.html The DS_AssociationTypeCode codelist defines relations between different items within a catalogue. GA has extended this codelist to cater for relationships according to metadata models outside ISO19115, such as the W3C's PROV Data Model which we use for relating dataset provenance
onlineFunctionCode_codelist.xml onlineFunctionCode_codelist.html The CI_OnLineFunctionCode codelist defines the functions of things online linked to within a metadata record. Additional online functions are added to the ISO19115-1 CI_OnLineFunctionCode codelist to fulfill GA requirements

Two new codelists have been implemented to constrain ISO 19115-1 elements that are free text in the base standard:

File Purpose
serviceTypeCode_codelist.xml serviceTypeCode_codelist.html Constrains the ISO19115-1 srv:serviceType element to a restricted set of service types, based largely on the service types defined by the GeoNetwork community. The ISO19115-1 srv:serviceType element is extended by the gapMD_ServiceTypeCode_PropertyType element to enable implementation of the codelist
protocolTypeCode_codelist.xml protocolTypeCode_codelist.html Constrains the ISO19115-1 protocol element to a restricted set of protocols, based largely on the protocols defined by the GeoNetwork community. The ISO19115-1 cit:protocol element is extended by the gapCI_ProtocolTypeCode_PropertyType element to enable implementation of the codelist

The authoritative values in the above codelists are maintained in SKOS vocabularies hosted by Research Vocabularies Australia. The codelists are extracted from the vocabularies as XML files conforming to the CAT 1.0 schema.